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MT portfolio of products are braced in two major divisions: Hydro and Industrial, and with those two divisions we try to give the specific solution on each situation.

The Hidro MT division contains all the products, specifically designed for the canalization and conduction of fluids for the construction, plumbing, irrigation and gardening sectors.

It is a wide range of products in which we find malleable galvanized iron fittings, brass valves and brass fittings, pressure reducers, PVC valves, WC valves and discharges, manometers and a selection of the most important products of MAC3, an Italian manufacturer of electronic products for hydraulic systems.


There are two factors that determine the results in point of sale: visibility and notoriety. Be able to attract attention of customers and transmit the concept and the main technical advantatges of our products is other of our main goals.

MT makes available to the customers a complete variety of solutions oriented to reinforce his point of sale commercial actions with a goal: reinforce the corporative identity of the quoted products and facilitate at maximum the sale..

  • Promotional marketing actions
  • Retail communication
  • Products equipped with commercial tools specially designed for them: exhibitor, bags, labels, categories, samples, etc.

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MT is an spanish company that manufactures and distributes products and accessories for the canalization and conduction of fluids in more than 40 countries.

Since 1994, MT has been designing, producing and marketing a wide range of products for the hydrosanitary and industrial segment, including brass valves and fittings, stainless steel fittings, flanges and industrial valves, among others.

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