Commercial supports

Customized Marketing Solutions

There are two factors that determine the results in point of sale: visibility and notoriety. Be able to attract attention of customers and transmit the concept and the main technical advantatges of our products is other of our main goals.

MT makes available to the customers a complete variety of solutions oriented to reinforce his point of sale commercial actions with a goal: reinforce the corporative identity of the quoted products and facilitate at maximum the sale..

  • Promotional marketing actions
  • Ratail communication
  • Products equipped with commercial tools specially designed for them: exhibitor, bags, labels, categories, samples, etc.
Soluciones comerciales MT

Deployments by product family

Our implementations:

  • Brass valves.
  • Series 66, accessory and compression brass valves for copper and stainless pipe.
  • Series 88, compression brass fitting for PE pipe.
  • Series 87, threaded brass accessory.
  • Threaded stainless steel accessory.
  • Compression accessory for multilayer and pex pipes.
  • Stainless steel accessory for pressing MT-Press.

These implementations have been designed based on a market study carried out at the national level, with the references of the most rotation. The customer can modify or change any item for the needs of their area or market type to which the product is directed.

Soluciones comerciales MT
Soluciones comerciales MT
Soluciones comerciales MT

MT provides free of charge, cardboard boxes and labels of the different references that make up the exhibition (the metal panel is not included). The rack is customizable, the shelves are modular and can be adapted as required. The shelf is composed of 7 shelves with space for 9 dispensing boxes, in its entirety accommodates 63 references. The definition of the range of products to be included will be determined by the needs of the client.

Handtags and unit coding

Soluciones comerciales MT

EAN codes

For better stock control, in order to avoid possible mistakes in prices, for the request of orders with a unique code and compatible with the international management program EDI.

Soluciones comerciales MT


Every article comes individually labeled, and this label comes with the product reference information, certifications, measurements and EAN 13 code

Soluciones comerciales MT

Displays for the WC filling and unloading valve family

Desktop display


  • 44 cm high x 21 cm. wide x 13 cm. of depth.


  • Plastic methacrylate.

Stand display


  • 178 cm high x 64 cm. W x 44 cm of depth.


  • Rigid cardboard.

The definition of the range of products to be included in the stand display will be determined by the customer's needs.

Soluciones comerciales MT

Box palet

Soluciones comerciales MT


  • 110 cm high x 80 cm. wide x 60 cm. of depth.


  • Cardboard with integrated wooden pallet.

The upper bracket is customizable according to the range of products chosen.

The definition of the range of products to be included in the box pallet will be determined by the needs of the customer.