As a manufacturer of products for the sector of pipelines and conduction of fluids, we have a wide range of products applicable in many sectors related to treatment and water management. In this section we summarize those sectors where MT products are used.

Water Treatment

The MT range is clearly focused in the wáter treatment. Drinking wáter and grey waters.

Products clearly oriented to the plumbing sector, drinking water, construction, fluyd conductions, and hydraulic plans.

Irrigation, Garden, Pool

A complete range of PE fittings, Brass valves in big diameters, ductile iron valves especially ready for the Irrigation fields and pools.

A huge range for irrigation and pool service. Water are the words. MT valves are the points and comas that gives beautiful meaning to this poetry. Fruits and smiles. Irrigation and pool.

Industrial Plants

The Stainless Steel range and the Ductile Iron range GGG40. Useful references for any kind of industrial plant:

Chemistry, food process, petrochemicals, oils, pressured air…. Specific solutions for an industrial global world.