The continuing education and disclosure of sector


The sector of fluids conduction, with a focus on Spain, but also in the European market, has always been characterized by the high qualifications of their workers at a technical level.

In fact, the mere evolution of the European legislation, increasingly strict in its environmental and health policies, and the continued development of production lines, have made our industry one of the most recognized sector in terms of innovation.

In MT unequivocally we pointed in the direction of the qualification, both professional and technical, of all our representatives.

Different internal training courses in valves, fittings and specifically, in materials and their reaction to contact with the fluid, have raised the interest, not only of their employees, but also the distributors, representatives and public media.

In this 2016, for example, we have been part of the conference that was held in Kiev in March. With a double speech included. Ukrainian Prime Pump Conference, sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce and the ministry of the government of Ukraine took as a starting point the energy-saving environmental legislation of the European Union.

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In this event where we were invited to participate and talk, different professionals with relevance worldwide (DAB pumps, valves MT, HOMA pumps, commercial chamber of the Ukrainian government etc ...) exposed in syncretism and efficiently, our legislation.

The event obtained tracking media nationwide and is just a mere example of how not only MT, but also other important firms in our industry, are positioned in order to create the best product and, all together, grow in the society the knowledge of how useful and necessary is our products and work in our welfare state.

We attach a short video summary of the event as a small sample of what happened there, and surely will be repeated and replicated in other European countries.

Aitor J. Belacortu