6403 Manual Pipe Cutter

Manual Pipe Cutter

The New MT Press fitting for Multilayer pipes has been designed specifically to be used with different type of crimping profiles: TH, H, U and RFz.

General Features:

Body in brass CW617N, manufactured according to UNE EN 12165.

Designed according to standard UNE-EN ISO 21003.

Compatible for Multilayer of diameters : Ø16x2, Ø20x2, Ø25x2.5, Ø26x3 y Ø32x3.

Guaranteed sealing with 2 EPDM o’rings (Kiwa Class III) Permanent marking (size and Brand) included in bodies ans crimp sleeves.

Toothed profile with optimum angle bevel in order to facilitate the insertion of the pipe.

  • Multipress marking
  • Stainless steel crimp sleeves
  • Electrolytic ring
  • Two EPDM o’rings (Kiwa Class III)
  • Brass CW617N
  • Viewing windows



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