Brass valves

The wide range of MT valves tries to cover every needs of the market trying to satisfy all particularities in every zone of the international territory and the different applications in sectors such as Industry, Plumbing, Heating, Irrigation, etc.

That’s why we have valves from PN-16 to PN-40, with metallic closing and resilient wedge, different range of temperatures, fluids, lubricants, hydrocarbons, relief of pressure and nofrost system, as well as the disposition of operation by plane handle, butterfly handle, hand wheel or square handle for connecting some models to copper pipelines, PEX, Multilayer, for compression rigid pipelines, polyethylene or throw gas thread, F-F, M-F and M-M.

In addition, we can offer spare parts for elongations, fittings for hose connections, filters for the Strainer Filter ‘Y’ and handles with their rossetes for solder ball valve.