VEPR Variable frequency drive for single phase pump

MAC 3 inverters are VFD variable frequency drivers, specially projected for driving pumps. In a water supply system, the demand of maximum delivery is occasional, and in fact there is often the need for variable delivery rates, so that the pump usually needs to operate at a variable delivery rate, rather than at a fixed rate (as in the case of traditional systems) so that the same will work at rates for most of the time with low energy consumption.
In fluid dynamic systems the ratio between the absorbed power and speed is of cubic type; so that only a few less Hz translates into a much lower Kw consumption.
VFD’s boosting systems, in addition to energy savings, for the customer translates into a cost economics, bring other important advantages in terms of confort, performance and durability of the system. The installation is directly on the pipe, cooled by water and the device has a built-in-pressure sensor.
The device has an ON/OFF input for a float switch and an output contact relay that can be used as a warning signal or to built boosting system with a second pump at a fixed rate.


230V 50-60Hz (e-MM08)
230V 50-60Hz (e-MT10)

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