VHDA Single phase power supply for single phase pumps

Hydrocontroller have been specifically developed to manage electropumps both single phase (with starter condenser) and three-phase. They guarantee a constant pressure despite capacity. Special attention has been addressed to the User Interface to allow a quick and easy installation through the messages displayed there is no need to consult the manual to locate and the interpret the parameters.
The parameters for the operation are the desired pressure and maximum current of the pump. In the event of an anomaly situation HydroController protects the pump as it switches off, but in order to safeguard the water supply it will undertake repeated automatic or programmed reset attempts. A wide range of models covering all the needs.
The range of Hydrocontroller is divided into the following models:
HCW for in line installation, cooled by water with built-in pressure sensor and flow sensor.
HCA for wall mounting installation, cooled by air, external pressure sensor provided as standard. Available following versions;
This version includes all the features and common protections that continuosly regulates the rotation speed of the electropump so as to ensure a pressure despite varying flow. Each device allows to control a single pump. The device has an input for external float switch, output relay that can be used as a warning signal or to built boosting system with a second pump at a fixed rate.
More than the basic version, this model adds more features and allows the realization of the groups up to 8 pumps (all pumps must be identical). In the multi-pumps mode, the communication is CanBus protocol and each pump is controlled and regualed by a Hydrocontroller.
In this configuration, the system handles all the pumps used in variable speed, increasing/ decreasing together their speeds of rotation, in order to keep the pressure constant at the flow rate varies.
The alternation of the pumps is guaranteed and in case of failure of a component of the system automatically it until reconfigures itself.
The advanced version also integrates the following features:
Irrigation: the irrigation control unit can be connected to the HC through the MultiPress4, with the possibility of setting up to 4 pressures, for different sectors of irrigation. there are 4 inputs to be supplied at 24V ac/dc.
Outputs relays (MM and MT versions). Auxiliary inputs (MM and MT versions).
One input for floating minimum or a switch into standby mode the pump.
One output relay for alarm or to control a second pump at fixed rate.
Specific uses of the inputs and ouputs can be arranged with our technical department.



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