WEM Electronic control panels 230-380v 1 Single phase pump

Control panels for 1 pump: both single and 3-phase, only boosting version. Available for Europe (230/380V 50Hz) version.
Control panel for 2 pumps: both single and 3-phase, multifunction. Function mode settable for boosting, sewage and storage. The exchange of the pumps is integrated and in case of need are activated both pumps.
European version 230/380V 50hz supplied pre-wired in plastic box.
Supplied only electronic board with front panel electronic board that could be mounted on the cover of the control panel.
Sewage input for 4 level regulators for managing boosting and sewage systems. Identification of minimum and maximum level for 1 pump, maximum level for assistance of second pump, alarm level. Boosting: input level for 2 level regulators of 3 probes (1 common + 2 levels) and 2 pressure switches. Identification of minimum and maximum level of tank, start and emergency pressure switches.
Storage: input for 2 level regulators (1 for European version) and 3 probes (1 common + 2 levels). Idenfitication of minimum and maximum level for cistern 1 (only minimum level for European version) and minimum and maximum level for cistern 2.


0,5-3HP 2-18A
0,5-3HP 2X2-18A

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